This Is What Happens When You Lock A Hungry Bear Inside Your Car

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It's rare to find a diehard gearhead who likes crossovers. Sure they're more functional than a car and more efficient than an SUV, but they're the automotive equivalent of sweatpants: You'll feel great wearing them but everyone will judge you. Now it appears that bears have been enlisted in the war against crossovers as this Toyota Venza owner found out when he parked his car at a log cabin in Virginia. A passing bear saw the automotive abomination as well as a tasty candy bar sitting in the car and decided to investigate.

In the process of stealing the candy bar, the car door closed and trapped the bear inside. As one of nature's more impressive Japanese car-hating beasts, the bear decided to claw its way out. It's claws made it through door panels, upholstery, and wiring before it bit a door handle and freed itself. While the exterior of the car remained immaculate, the Venza had to be written off for its full $29,800 value because of how badly the interior was damaged. Locking the doors would have prevented this hungry bear from trashing the car, a lesson that the owner learned the hard way. Photos by Zachary Soots.

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