This Is What Happens When You Put Too Much Air In Your Tire

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Don't try this at home folks.

This is an answer to a question you've probably never considered before. Nevertheless, the guys over at 'The Experiment' decided it was high time to discover just how much pressure a car tire can take. Taking a set of old, cracked, worn-out tires, the guys thought around 200 psi – the maximum their compressor could deliver – would be enough to burst the rubber. A fair assumption considering the average tire holds around 30-35 psi. Alas, the tires stood firm under the pressure.

Knowing that a pretty serious explosion was imminent, it was decided to move the experiment away from the back yard and into somewhere a bit more remote.

With the compressor made redundant, it was time to step up a gear and use a carbon-dioxide tank to deliver the requisite pressure to burst the tires. Soon after, the rubber duly ruptured, with the sound echoing around the woodland like a gunshot and the tire flying 20 meters away into the bushes. Around 16 kg per sq. com of pressure was enough for the tire to blowout, which equates to around 230 psi. So, now you know.

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