This Is What Happens When You Recreate Gymkhana With An 800-HP Truck

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A Ford Focus can't jump as high as a trophy truck.

If you don't know who BJ Baldwin is then you're about to get pretty familiar with him. The off-road truck racer has actually been featured on CarBuzz several times before, most recently for a POV video shot from inside his trophy truck as he did burnouts. We've also covered his "Recoil" series, which is like the off-road truck version of Ken Block's Gymkhana…sort of. Anyway, Baldwin is back with another Recoil video. It's like Gymkhana except with way more jumps and a jackass Sasquatch that just won't stay still.

Yeah, there's a Sasquatch featured here. Silliness aside this video shows just how badass trophy trucks truly are, whether they are on the dirt or tearing up city streets. Check out "Recoil 3" and let us know how you think it stacks up to the other videos in the series and to Block's Gymkhana.

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