Street Race

This Is What Happens When You Street Race In God's Hometown

Ferrari 458 faces God's wrath in Jerusalem.

Street races take place all over the world. But Jerusalem? Cities don’t get more holy than this, and the man upstairs clearly wasn’t happy about this Ferrari 458 challenging a Range Rover to a night-time duel in his back yard. Thanks to Yossi, we have these images of the aftermath (and a single shot of the supercar prerace) as well as some info as to what went down. According to the Jerusalem native, the Ferrari hit the Range Rover, before crashing into a fence and pillar.

The drivers quickly fled the scene, as punishment for this sort of reckless behavior is very severe. Chances are the drivers will claim their cars were stolen to escape the wrath of the law. However, come judgement day things might not go so well for them.

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