This Is What Happens When You Try And Drift A Tank

These 41-ton steel giants weren't designed to go sideways.

If you’re wondering why these tanks were drifting around like maniacs, you probably aren’t aware that Russia holds a yearly Tank Biathlon. Of course it does. This Kuwaiti tank driver was practicing for the International Tank Biathlon Championship when he took a corner in his 41-ton T-72 military vehicle a little too fast. The tank flipped over, rolling onto its back before coming to a rest on its side. Thankfully, the crew inside suffered just minor injuries and the tank was almost totally undamaged. Because tank.

The footage of the accident also shows other armored steel giants sending their rides into drifts. 17 countries will compete in the two-week military skill contest, which will take place near Moscow at the Alabino firing range.

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