This Is What Happens When You Use A McLaren 12C As A Cigarette Lighter

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Flaming exhausts are so handy...

All it takes is a short trip around the Internet to stumble on The Rich Kids of Instagram, a page dedicated to opulent waste of resources. The kinds of acts depicted on those pages include dumping $10,000 champagne on $100,000 watches to test out how well the water proofing works or lighting expensive cigars with $100 dollar bills. Or, if you're one of these guys, using a slightly more expensive gadget to light a cigarette.

Here is exhibit A for reference. While these guys aren't committing the offence of being blatantly wasteful just for the sake of bragging, it's not the smartest move in the world to stand behind the flaming burps of a 3.8-liter twin turbo V8.

At least the pair of McLaren 12Cs get a good chance to breathe while the smokers whittle their lungs away. No matter how badly this behavior reeks of attention seeking habits, at least it's better than using the flames to light the actual car on fire.

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