THIS is What it's Like to Ride in a Ferrari 599XX

And it ain't exactly street legal either.

Very few were built and each one cost a pretty penny. They weren't even street legal. Before Ferrari 599 GTB production ended, the Italian supercar maker decided to build a hard-core version for the track. Only preferred and longtime Ferrari customers were offered the chance to buy one. We’re talking about the Ferrari 599XX. With 720 horsepower coming from its 6.0-liter V12, the 599XX set a Nurburgring record for being the fastest production-derived sports ever, with a time of 6:58.16.

And because they’re illegal for the road, the chances of you seeing one in-person aren’t great. Fortunately, our friend Marchettino happened to be at the Fiorano track a few days ago. And while there, he was fortunate enough to hop onboard and experience a few laps of this incredible machine.

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