This Is What It's Like When A Car Wrecks In Your Face From 3 Angles


When attending a NASCAR race there’s always a chance that you’ll bear witness to some sort of car wreck on the track. However, every so often NASCAR fans end up getting a little more of the action than they would hope for. Case in point, a rather spectacular crash took place this past Sunday at the NASCAR Coca Cola Zero 400 when race car driver Austin Dillon’s car went colliding into the wall during the final lap of the race. Miraculously the driver walked away from this insane crash, but four NASCAR fans weren’t quite as lucky.

The unlucky fans were rushed to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. Another fan who was near the action, but at a safer distance, caught some up close and personal footage of the explosive wreck. This is what it looks like from right up close.

Here's what it looks like from up in the stands.

...and here's the official NASCAR footage.

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