This Is What It's Like When Aircraft-Powered Cars Terrify Small Town Britain

Check out these WWI-powered monsters in action.

Now that the 2016 Detroit Auto Show is over and we’ve gotten a glimpse at the future, lets go back to a simplertime. A time when the W.O. Bentley adage of “no replacement for displacement,” literallymeant to put an aircraft engine onto four wheels. The lovely gents over at Goodwood Road & Racinghave bestowed upon us mere mortals a taste of that time gone by. Themacro-engined vehicles seem perfectly suited for Britain at a time when it was leading the world into the Industrial Revolution.

The smoke-bellowing chimney-sized exhaust unleashes flames and particulates, a lovely nod to those of us fond of hydrocarbons. Thevideo lets us meet the owners and hear the satanic cackles emitted fromwar-engines of old.

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