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This Is What It Takes To Stand Out On The Gumball

Gumball 3000 / Comments

Alfa Romeo entered this one-off Stelvio Quadrifoglio in this year's run across southern Europe.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio might stand out in ordinary company, especially in Quadrifoglio spec. But on an event as glitzy as the Gumball rally, which regularly draws some of the most attention-grabbing cars known to man, it takes a little more. So Alfa cooked up this special crossover just for this year's event.

It's essentially a stock Stelvio Quadrifoglio under the bodywork, like any you can pick up at your local dealer. But it's been wrapped in a unique livery, specially penned by the Alfa Romeo Design Center, to highlight its presence on the road and in the event.

The wrap uses Volcano Black as its basis, overlaid with an interwoven grey cloverleaf motif, representing Alfa's most potent and capable performance and competition models. And over that are fluorescent green highlights, like the giant snake icon along the rear flanks, the lettering on the front fenders, and the racing stripe running up the hood. The wheels and front aero insert are done up in the same shade of green, as is the lettering on the black brake calipers.

The treatment isn't subtle, by any means, but we're sure it'll look right at home among the exotic supercars running this year's Gumball 3000.

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The 3000-mile event runs through southern Europe this year, having started on the Greek isle of Mykonos before passing through Athens and Thessaloniki, then on to Montenegro and Croatia. Today the high-speed procession visits the Alfa's Balocco Proving Ground in Italy to stretch the legs of its participants around the track, then heads to Monaco before concluding in Barcelona and Spain's Balearic Islands (of which Majorca is the largest and best-known). Fortunately the Stelvio has the muscle to keep pace with the high-paced field and back up this flashy visual treatment.