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The Iso Grifo was an Italian-designed GT sports car powered by an American V8: the car of choice in gearhead heaven.

The Iso Grifo may not be the most well-known of Italian sports cars but the moment you see and hear one on the road, you may find yourself looking to see how much it'll cost to own one. Its exterior design is pure Italian but at its heart lies a little bit of all-American goodness: a Chevrolet big-block V8. Because of the latter factor, the Iso Grifo is very easy to work on mechanically and parts for it come cheap. First unveiled in 1963, it was only made until 1974 when the company, Iso Rivolta, declared bankruptcy.

Just 413 units were built and any that still exist are worth a tidy sum. A very special car that grabs attention everywhere it goes, the Iso Grifo is gorgeous, rare, Italian-designed and has an American V8 under the hood. Some would call it the perfect car.

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