This Is What James May Thinks Of The New Top Gear

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Top Gear hosts Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid are doing "an increasingly good job" according to Captain Slow.

You might expect there to be some animosity between the presenters of The Grand Tour and Top Gear. After all, the rebirth of Top Gear was Clarkson's creation, so many assume he resents other people carrying his baby. The show is now in safe hands however, as Top Gear has been brought back on track by Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid and Chris Harris. According to, James May spoke out about the recent Top Gear series in an interview with BBC Breakfast where he commended the current hosts for doing "an increasingly good job."

Speaking on the radio show, May said how he "tried to be quite philosophical" about the end of the show's 12-year run. "What we've ended up with is us refreshing ourselves a bit and having a bit of a rethink about how we do it, making space for some other people to take over our old program," he said, "where they're doing an increasingly good job of it. I do think that the viewers now have two shows to watch, where they had one before. We can spark off each other a bit." May hit the nail on the head there. Other than Fifth Gear, the lack of direct competition arguably affected the quality of Top Gear in its later years, but now the two shows complement each other perfectly.

Those who want to be entertained by Clarkson, Hammond and May's infectious banter have The Grand Tour, while Top Gear has been revitalized by its new hosts who have proven to be entertaining and informative car journalists which is attracting a new younger audience. "I don't really see that anybody loses out," he added. Top Gear will be returning next year, and the second series of The Grand Tour is expected to air on Amazon this fall.

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