This Is What Mercedes Thinks The Car Of The Future Will Look Like

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Two of Mercedes' revolutionary EV concepts will be turning heads at CES.

With the Detroit Auto Show 2017 hogging all the limelight lately, it's easy to forget that the Consumer Electronics Show is kicking off next month as well. While the Detroit Show will focus on new car reveals, automakers will be using CES to showcase the latest technological innovations, from quirky concept cars to futuristic hologram interiors. Mercedes-Benz has confirmed it will be attending the show with a display focusing on its "future of mobility" CASE strategy, which stands for 'Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Service and Electric Drive.'

The sleek and stylish Generation EQ Concept SUV will be at the forefront of Mercedes' display, which recently made its debut in Paris. Equipped with Mercedes' next-gen battery pack, it's claimed the EQ will deliver a range of 310 miles. Being a Mercedes, the EQ will of course be laden with the latest tech and gadgets, so expect to find advanced self-driving technology and OLED control screens everywhere. We're fans of some of its cosmetic flourishes such as the hidden wipers and door handles, so we look forward to learning more about the EQ at the show. Also on display will be the Vision Van, which you may remember as the van with the drone-mounted roof and package monitoring system ideal for making deliveries.

It's designed to be an all-electric, autonomous delivery van with a range of 168 miles to allow for a full day's delivery, and as such doesn't include a steering wheel, although there will be a joystick for the driver to operate instead. CES commences on January 5 2017, so we don't have long to wait to find out how Mercedes is planning to revolutionize the electric car market. "The objective is to make the car a platform for future mobility concepts and a space that offers a digital experience," said Ola Kallenius, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler." The car of the future must be networked, autonomous, emissions-free and deliver the possibility of shared mobility."

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Other topics to be explored include artificial intelligence and an intriguing "Fit&Healthy" section which will "provide a vision of how society's growing health consciousness can be intelligently combined with future mobility."


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