This Is What Porsches Will Look Like In 20 Years' Time

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But I want one now!

Hybrid power is already being utilized in the latest endurance racers, and for some the day when the starting grid of the Le Mans 24 Hours will feature all-electric cars is an inevitability. So what will cutting edge LMP1 prototype race cars look like in 2035? That's something Korean designer Gilsung Park has thought about, concentrating on this year's success story, Porsche. An advanced electric powertrain is the imagined power source of the futuristic race car, which sports fluid aerodynamic body panels, albeit with a hint of 918 Spyder in its design language.

An interchangeable battery pack ensures quick pit stops during day-and-night races, while electric motors are ditched in favor of individual air turbine levitation hub-motors. Other features include laser headlamps, active aeros and smart glass made of suspension particles.

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