This Is What Should Happen To All Compact SUVs And CUVs

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We'd pull over and cheer her on.

All joking aside, we have to say that this scary incident from China has very little facts attached to it. There's a rumor going around that this woman received an Audi Q3 from her husband and decided that it wasn't big enough for her tastes. So she did the only reasonable thing possible: smash the vehicle with a brick. Because that's the only logical thing to do if you don't like a vehicle, right? We're sure that there's something else behind this story, but we're going to take this as a victory for sedans, station wagons and full-sized SUVs.

We don't know what made this woman irate, but she really messed up that Q3. Apologies for the smartphone style video and the poor quality, it is China after all.

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