This Is What Skydiving In A Car Looks Like

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Remember the ridiculous car skydiving stunt in Furious 7? These guys did it all for real.

If you've ever watched Furious 7, then you'll definitely remember the scene where Dominic Toretto and his crew go skydiving. In cars. It was an absolutely absurd scene which is par for the course in a Fast & Furious movie now, but to the film's credit the stunt was done practically. Yes, they actually dropped cars fitted with parachutes out of a plane and used a team of skydivers to get all the shots. Obviously, no one was in any of the cars as they plummeted from the sky because it would be too dangerous. These guys, however, did it all for real.

Veteran skydiver Konstantin Petrijcuk has apparently been dreaming of driving out of an aeroplane for 10 years, so he and a group of friends decided to attempt the Fast & Furious-style stunt last year. With the help of professional skydiver and stunt coordinator Steve Curtis, the team traveled to Arizona's Area 51 to perform the daring stunt.

As if the stunt wasn't already extreme enough, the team of skydivers remained sat in the car as it fell through the air. You probably don't need us to point out the obvious dangers of jumping out of a plane while in a car, since it's incredibly hard to predict the behaviour of a heavy vehicle falling at such high speed. It's spectacular to watch and the stunt was executed successfully (no one died, in other words), but the team suffered "short-term injuries" for their efforts according to the video description. At the start, the person pushing the car falls and gets smacked by the bodywork. Eventually, the car starts flipping uncontrollably, ejecting the team out of the vehicle in mid-air.

You can see the front passenger hits his head on the frame of the windshield which looks painful and could have easily broken their neck. Then again, had they stayed in the car much longer when it started spinning, they probably would have passed out unlike in Fast & Furious. "It was like riding a roller coaster on an invisible track!" one of the skydivers commented. That's one way of describing it.

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