This Is What Tesla's Electric Semi-Truck Will Probably Look Like


All will be revealed on November 16.

Originally slated to be revealed later this month, we'll have to wait a bit longer for Tesla to lift the wraps off its electric semi-truck. Right now, the EV company is facing production hell and is falling way behind on Model 3 orders. We recently learned that only 260 units have been built out of its initial 1,500 unit production run, but Tesla has nearly half a million reservations to fulfill. It's safe to say, then, that Elon Musk is feeling the pressure, so introducing an electric semi-truck to the line-up probably isn't his top priority right now.

The reveal date has been pushed back by three weeks, but we already have a good idea of what Tesla's first semi-truck will look like. Ahead of its public reveal, a spy shot showed what appeared to be an uncamouflaged Tesla semi-truck undergoing testing. Nothing was ever confirmed, but it bared an uncanny resemblance to Tesla's official teaser photo, sporting similar headlights and front fenders and a grille-less front bumper indicating an electric powertrain. Render artist Jan Peisert, who recently envisioned how the BMW 7 Series could look in 2020, has used the original spy photo to visualize a digital render that gives us a closer look at the potential design of Tesla's first electric truck.

Assuming the leaked photo was legitimate, this is probably our best look at the Tesla semi-truck yet, which looks sleek, clean and modern. Like the spy photo, Peisert's design doesn't feature any side mirrors or door handles, which suggests that the test model was a prototype. For comparison, Peisert also rendered the upcoming Tesla truck alongside an older render based on the original teaser released earlier this year, and the electric fuel cell Nikola One semi-truck. When it's revealed next month, Tesla's semi-truck will have a range of 200 - 300 miles and is rumoured to feature semi-autonomous capabilities.

"The design is very Tesla-like, and fits nicely into the brands design language," Peisert tells us. "I think in terms of design, it can't be too futuristic, - people need to get used to electric semis first, before Tesla can go crazy on the design. Maybe in the second generation. I quite like the clean look of it, especially compared to the already modern looking Nikola One, the Tesla stands out quite nicely."

We won't have too long to find how accurate Peisert's design is, as the Tesla semi-truck will be officially revealed on November 16.

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