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This Is What The 2020 Ford Bronco Could Look Like

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Somehow four doors looks better than two.

If there were a few doubts about the Ford Bronco being released after rumors started floating around, they were quickly quelled when the Blue Oval went on record confirming the SUV would be released in 2020. Then, of course, there's quite a bit of speculation about what the SUV might actually look like. Renderings released previously featured square angular looks reminiscent of the old Bronco, but it seemed inevitable that a drag-inducing shape like that would be struck down by the EPA.

To that, we say look at the current F-150, which seems to get by with a flat square design just fine. In fact, if there's any doubt about what the modern Bronco will look like, it should lie squarely on the original rendering's doors. Or rather, the lack of them. Put simply, two-door SUVs aren't the most practical things on Earth and when Ford brings the Bronco back to life, it's likely to look something like this four-door SUV that Bronco6G Forum has drawn up. Using lines similar to the renderings the site previously released, this Bronco keeps its iconic box shape with a bit of a modern twist. And with two extra doors, it not only looks superb, it also appears practical enough to be something Ford sells in droves.

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That's what the bean counters care about most, and if we have to compromise with a Bronco that looks like this, consider the deal a win-win. Ford has already made it clear that the Bronco, like the upcoming Ranger, will ride on the T6 truck platform, meaning it's pretty much inevitable that it will come in four-door configuration. Bronco6G was also sure to include the "Air Roof" feature, exhibited by the fact it's possible to see the sky peaking through the ceiling of the Bronco. The rendering artist also played around with a few other looks including black D pillars and roof, a rear-mounted spare tire, and rugged off-road bumpers complete with a winch and tow hooks. We'd love it if Ford went ahead and used these renderings as a reference guide.