This Is What The 2021 Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe Would Look Like

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If only Mercedes would actually build it.

In case you missed it, Mercedes-Benz has officially pulled the wraps off its all-new S-Class - the car that, generation after generation, has come to define luxury, sophistication, and safety not just within its segment, but for the broader auto industry. There's plenty to be thrilled with, from its awesome augmented-reality head-up display to its first-ever sedan implementation of Mercedes's game-changing E-Active Body Control.

But here's something less-than-thrilling you might have heard: the next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class won't be available as a coupe, axing the slow-selling body style to reduce manufacturing complexity and free up bandwidth for other, more profitable things. Still, we can't help but wonder: what would the new 2021 S-Class look like as a two-door?

J.B.Cars on Instagram
Rear Angle View Mercedes-Benz

J.B.Cars on Instagram is here to answer our question, rendering a coupe version of the latest Mercedes-Benz flagship in AMG S63 guise with some sporty black-finish wheels, a quad-tip exhaust, a more ducktail-shaped decklid, and blacked-out trim in place of the chrome featured on the production sedan. The biggest changes by far, however, are related to the deletion of the rear doors; the rendered coupe features pillar-less windows, resulting in the removal of the thick, black B-pillars shown on the production sedan, and a re-shaped rear window that allows the side glass to come back to a more pronounced point.

Put all that together and the overall effect is a sleeker, sexier, more elegant-looking counterpart to Mercedes's handsome new flagship sedan.

Top View Mercedes-Benz
Side Angle Driving Mercedes-Benz
Central Console Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz hasn't come out and stated explicitly why it chose to do away with the S-Class Coupe for the new generation, but it could be related to some broader restructuring the automaker is undergoing, which will see it halt production of sedan models within the US to streamline its operations. The cabriolet model is also going away for 2021, and needless to say, that means no AMG coupe or cabriolet versions of the S-Class.

The sedan will e on the receiving end of several AMG variants, however, with an S63e and S65e expected to be unveiled in the not-too-distant future.

Front-End View Mercedes-Benz
Rear View Driving Mercedes-Benz
Rear Perspective Driving Mercedes-Benz
Side View Mercedes-Benz

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