This Is What The BMW 7 Series Could Look Like In 2020


Please BMW, do the 7 Series some justice and improve on this design.

Whatever the heck BMW is doing, stylistically at least, is anyone's guess. There's not too good of an explanation for recent constructions like the X7 iPerformance Concept or 8 Series coupe. Looks, after all, are subjective and it's not like these two examples are bad looking, but the exaggerated size and shape the signature BMW kidney grille has taken on leaves us wondering what direction the rest of the lineup will move towards when it comes time for redesign. Peisert Design is just as curious as we are.

Unlike us, however, Peisert is capable of translating the images they conjure up in their imagination to a physical format, and the result of them mulling over the next-gen 7 Series is right in front of your eyes. Using styling cues pulled off of the X7 iPerformance Concept, Peisert has rendered the 2020 BMW 7 Series and suffice it to say, we're intrigued. The X7 Concept already looked like the result of what would happen if BMW's designers put the styling language of the 8 Series Concept and Z4 Concept into the company's largest sedan and then stretched its roof to the sky. By reversing that last step, we get a good picture of what the future 7 Series could look like.

The most prominent features are the same as those on the X7 Concept. Namely, the oversized kidney grille, thin headlights, shiny silver fins on the front fascia, and a muscular body. At the rear, Peisert scrunched the trunk downwards but left the singular tail light strip intact. To be honest, we're not entirely sold on this 7 Series, mostly because it has too many echoes of the X7 Concept and does not look enough like a sedan. The high belt line made by the tail lights makes the 7 Series look too stout. Lowering them could give the vehicle more of a sedan presence, but it would need to be done in conjunction with a face job that reduces the size of the wide chin that those fins provide-one that counters the belt line by making this 7 Series look bottom heavy.


For now, we'll save further criticism for when we're skilled enough to design our own renderings. Until that happens, feast your eyes on Peisert's process below.


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