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This Is What The BMW i3 Should Have Looked Like All Along

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A much-needed sporty makeover could be too little, too late.

The BMW i3s launched in 2017 as a sportier version of the electric i3 city car. But while it had more power than its standard sibling, it didn't have the looks to match the improved performance because the styling changes were subtle. To rectify this, German tuner AC Schnitzer has given the i3s a much-needed makeover with a sporty body kit that enhances the car's aerodynamics and driving dynamics.

A suspension spring kit lowers the i3s by up to 0.7 inches and brings the car's center of gravity down, which improves its cornering capabilities. AC Schnitzer has also added new wheel spacers that enable owners to keep using the standard wheels but have them positioned 0.4 inches further out on each side. This improves the lateral support and increases driving stability, while a front splitter and roof rear wing gives the i3s a sportier look. Both special parts can be installed directly and without further painting.

The front splitter is made of high-quality ASA material (acrylonitrile styrene acrylic ester) with a matt black surface and is supplied together with three shiny black painted adaptors made of PUR (polyurethane). The rear wing is also made of PUR and is painted in gloss black to match.

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The tuner claims the aerodynamic components improve the downforce on the front and rear and make the electric hatchback look much more striking. Rounding off the exterior upgrades is AC Schnitzer's rear skirt protection foil for the trunk sill and AC Schnitzer lettering on the sides to remind people this no ordinary i3s. Inside, the interior features aluminum pedals and a "Black Line" cover for the iDrive System Controller.

Sadly, AC Schnitzer hasn't given the i3s a power upgrade, which means its electric motor still produces 184 hp and 199 lb-ft of torque while offering 180 miles of range. It's a missed opportunity, as this could have been a proper electric hot hatch, although its range would have undoubtedly suffered.