This Is What The BMW iX M Will Look Like

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Assuming there'll even be one.

The BMW iX represents a whole new era for the German automaker. As its first-ever all-electric SUV from the ground-up, the iX boasts unique exterior styling that may not necessarily make it to future EVs. BMW wants the iX to be a serious standout not only amongst its other models but also against rivals such as the Tesla Model X and Audi e-tron. But there is another way for BMW to give the iX an even greater edging - assuming it'll even go there. A BMW iX M could be the ultimate battery-electric SUV not only in terms of sheer straight-line performance but also handling.

Tesla has yet to unlock the secrets that make a BMW the "Ultimate Driving Machine", so it'd make complete sense for a future iX M in this regard.

X-Tomi Design BMW

However, BMW has yet to confirm whether or not it'll actually happen. Clearly, we think it should and so does rendering artist X-Tomi Design. What you're looking at (above) is the designer's vision of what the iX M could look like with the M brand treatment. The styling formula is quite simple: lower the ground height, bigger wheels and rims, new wheel designs, and some front fascia enhancements. The final result looks pretty darn good as the lowered body gives the SUV a far more planted appearance.

Already the iX is an impressive performance machine, capable of going 0-62 mph in less than 5 seconds. With a more powerful battery pack (likely because of software updates), we could see this sprint time drop to less than three seconds.


Bear in mind, the Model X Performance goes from 0-60 in a mere 2.6 seconds, and that's the time BMW will have to meet or beat. But what we're even more anxious to witness is how this X5-sized EV SUV handles thanks to M engineers performing numerous chassis enhancements. New and unique driving modes would also be expected.

As more automakers and governments view battery-electric vehicles as the future, it'd be logical for brands like BMW to develop their handling and track capabilities as well.


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