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This Is What The C8 Corvette Convertible Will Look Like

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Assuming Chevrolet plans to offer one.

A few days ago, we came across what is, without question, the best C8 Corvette video rendering to date. Created by renowned C8 rendering artist Charles Cronley, aka Chazcron, it showed a purple-painted C8 parked in an all-American driveway. Although it was just a rendering, the attention to detail was magnificent. All that the camouflage covering Chevrolet's final C8 prototypes was stripped away to reveal what appears to be a stunning machine. And now Chazcron is back, via MidEngineCorvetteForum, with a new video rendering, only this time it's the C8 convertible.

Not only is the sports car "parked" in the same driveway, it also demonstrates the folding hardtop in action. Now, it's important to point out that we have not seen any C8 convertible spy shots to date, nor do we know exactly when it'll debut. Could that date be July 18, the same as the coupe? Maybe. Maybe not. We'll find out July 18.

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Chevy has not even officially stated a convertible variant is in the pipeline, but we find it hard to believe this won't happen. After all, the Corvette originally was a convertible, dating back to the C1's debut in 1953. So let's assume this tradition will continue. That being said, convertibles today are typically far more complex than ever thanks to folding hardtops and their intricate mechanisms. What Chazcron has envisioned fits that description. Overall, it's fairly similar to what McLaren and Ferrari have done for their respective mid-engined roadsters, the 720S and 488 Spider, respectively. But as we pointed out, these systems can be complicated, heavy, and expensive.

Alternatively, Chevy could simply go with a removable roof panel, just like in the current C7 coupe. While that's certainly cheaper, lighter, and far less complicated, it's not as exclusive. Assuming the C8 is intended to compete with the world's best it also needs to offer similar features. Answers will finally begin arriving next month when the eighth-generation Corvette debuts in Southern California. Will both the coupe and convertible be present? Who knows.