This Is What The Ferrari FF Could Have Been Without Pininfarina

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Could you ever imagine this design hitting showrooms?

The Ferrari FF was shocking when it first debuted back in 2011. Its four seats and all-wheel drive were a departure from, well, everything the company was known for. However, things could have been a lot weirder had Ferrari decided to ditch the design penned by Pininfarina's former design director, Lowie Vermeersch, in favor of a design by Giugiaro. The latter is pictured here in the garage of a collector, stripped of all its Ferrari badging. The design is…different, to say the least.

The Giugiaro FF looks a lot more like a crossover than the FF and sports a much higher stance. The rear is especially odd; those bulbous taillights don't do the design any favors. All that being said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what do you think of this design?

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