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This Is What The Fisker Electric SUV Will Look Like

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The Fisker electric powered SUV will arrive in 2021 and look like this.

Since launching one of the first luxury electric vehicles to market in 2008 in the form of the Karma, it's been a rollercoaster ride for founder Henrik Fisker. He left the original company over disagreements before it went bankrupt in 2014, but the brand name got a relaunch in 2016 with Fisker himself at the helm. Since then, Fisker Inc. has been developing a long range all-electric sedan as well as an all-electric SUV. We've had some details regarding the design of the electric SUV, but now we have confirmation from Henrik Fisker himself that these new pictures represent what the production model will look like.

Judging by the pictures, the electric SUV is close to the teaser concept released earlier in the year, and is as good looking as we would expect from a company headed by a man with a successful automotive design career that includes heading up design for Aston Martin.

In an email, Henrik Fisker told us that "the real production vehicles looks like the sketch! Coming end of 2021. It will feature a unique interior with amazing utility aspects. The focus for us is to bring a relevant and affordable electric vehicle to market. Our entire business model is built around cost optimization to be able to offer a high-value proposition that also makes a double-digit profit margin."

Fisker is clearly looking to compete squarely with Tesla's upcoming Model Y which is currently priced for order at $43,700 when he tells us: "We will shoe a production intent prototype in December this year and shortly before that we will start taking deposits. Base price will be below $40,000. It will be built in the USA, we are in the final stages of finalizing our manufacturing facility in the middle of the US."

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Fisker is clearly swinging for the fences. If the target of late 2021 is met, that could bring the electric SUV to market before the eMotion sedan that is being held back until its in-house designed solid-state batteries are ready for prime time. We expect the range for the electric SUV using conventional lithium-ion technology to be around 300 miles.

If Fisker can actually pull off the high-value proposition for customers as well as a healthy profit margin for the company, that would be in stark contrast with Tesla as Elon Musk's company continues to struggle despite the smoother and quicker road to market Tesla has enjoyed.