This Is What The Ford Torino Might Look Like Today

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This is about as good as retro-modern gets.

Overshadowed and ultimately outlived by the iconic Ford Mustang, the Ford Torino, produced from 1968 to 1976, nonetheless remains an integral part of Ford's heritage - not least of all because of the aerodynamic King Cobra model and its Nascar racing successes. In fact, while only certain models benefitted from Ford's big, high-output muscle V8s of the time, the Torino is still remembered first and foremost as a muscle car.

That's how we come to have this rendering from artist Oscar V., who takes the current S550 Mustang and reimagines it as a modern-day Ford Torino.

wb.artist20 on Instagram

The car ends up looking vaguely like a fifth-generation Chevy Camaro in the end, with its highly orthogonal grille and pointed snout, but it's a solid effort, distinguished by its sleek, wing-shaped bodyside graphics and long, flowing tail - two attributes pulled directly from the 1970s Torino GT. Another thing pulled straight from that car: the subtle hood snout, which comprises a pair of slim horizontal air inlets about a third of the way back from the nose.

There are plenty of other interesting features to dissect, too, like the yellow-to-burnt-orange bodyside stripes, lifted straight off the Torino GT, and the retro-looking flat-top wheel arches. If this were a body kit, similar to the Pontiac Trans Am body kits offered for late-model Chevy Camaros, you could put it into production tomorrow and probably generate plenty of sales.

wb.artist20 on Instagram
wb.artist20 on Instagram

However, we don't think this modern-day interpretation of the Ford Torino would fare too well as an actual mass-production vehicle. The name "Torino" just doesn't have enough cache to support a factory car like this, and besides, the world has mostly fallen out of love with coupes and sedans, shifting over to crossovers instead.

But at the least, whether anyone ever attempts such a body kit or no, Oscar V. has given us some very cool retro-modern car art to set as our desktop backgrounds and drool over. That's good enough.

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