This is What the Honda Crosstour Should Look Like


If Honda doesn't decide to discontinue it outright.

We'll admit outright that the Honda Crosstour is not the prettiest car the automaker has ever made. In fact, it's really one of the ugliest cars currently on sale. Obviously there's tons of room for improvement (short of discontinuing it) and yet it still manages to sell in decent numbers. It is an effective family hauler with solid reliability. But what if Honda were to redesign the car and base it on the latest Accord sedan and coupe?

Remember, the Crosstour is still built on the platform of the previous-gen Accord. Rendering artist Theophilus Chin also realized the Crosstour's age (and ugliness), so he came up with some updated images of his own. And Honda, if it plans to continue production, should pay attention here. While it's still not pretty say, like an Audi A7, these renderings are still a nice improvement. It doesn't look nearly as embarrassing as the current one.

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