This Is What The Jeep Grand Wagoneer Could've Looked Like

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The sketches were shared on social media by a Jeep exterior designer.

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer nameplate is making a comeback after almost three decades. Unveiled recently in concept form but looking close to production-ready, the three-row Grand Wagoneer's styling has been spoken about at length. The boxy design with its intricate detailing will hopefully be mostly retained when the Grand Wagoneer hits showrooms, but before the concept's design was shared, this Jeep looked quite different.

Jeep designer Taylor Langhals shared two early sketches of the Grand Wagoneer on Instagram. While early sketches usually preview a production model's design, these Jeep sketches take us back to the start of the process, now that we've seen what looks like an almost production-ready version.

Taylor Langhals/Instagram
Taylor Langhals/Instagram

Both sketches look more like daring concepts than the actual Grand Wagoneer Concept, with exceptionally narrow glasshouses and disproportionately large wheel designs. One of the sketches features thick body-color roof pillars that give the Grand Wagoneer quite a different side profile that resembles the Hummer H2.

In front, both sketches feature super-slim headlights and neither makes use of the more traditional seven-slat Jeep grille. There's definitely a touch of Land Rover Evoque in the frontal aspect. However, it's not difficult to see how the final Grand Wagoneer Concept stemmed from these earlier sketches.

Front View Driving Jeep
Front Angle View Jeep
Rear Angle View Jeep
Rear View Jeep

Both the final concept and the sketches feature a prominent, bulging hood, the rearmost side window with its distinctive lower upward slant, and the square wheel arches. We hope that the production version isn't more toned down, as the concept appears to be a great combination of traditional Jeep design cues with modern detailing.

When it arrives, the production Jeep Grand Wagoneer will be able to seat up to seven occupants comfortably, with pictures showing off a flamboyant cabin design festooned with digital screens. A plug-in hybrid powertrain will be used, although technical details remain under wraps. Expect to see the Grand Wagoneer in US showrooms sometime next year.

Dashboard Jeep
Instrument Board Jeep
Seat Upholstery Jeep
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Rear Angle View
Rear View
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