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This Is What The New Camaro ZL1 Sounds Like And When It'll Be Revealed

Chevy drops a teaser video to stir fans into a frenzy.

Yesterday, Chevrolet released a video with nothing but pure engine noise and it’s getting a lot of attention for a couple of good reasons. The video was called “Are You Ready?” and shows a Camaro roaring down a track. The camera is sitting right behind the muscle car’s “Flowtie” grille, which points in the direction of something extremely powerful. While the previous iteration of the Z/28 had a “Flowtie” grille, the whine sounds a lot like a supercharger. Yes, this is our first look at the 2017 Camaro ZL1.

Chevrolet has announced that something is coming on March 16th (tomorrow) so stay tuned. For now, enjoy this video and practice your patience.

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