This Is What The New Toyota 86 Could Look Like

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It now has a more mature look.

The Toyota 86 has become a modern-day cult performance car. It is accessible to younger buyers, offers good track-day performance, and there are a ton of parts for it on the aftermarket scene. Toyota has already begun capitalizing on this by working on what will now be called the GR86. We already know more or less what it will look like, and we've even caught a heavily camouflaged one testing in the wild. We expect the official launch of the new car to take place in March 2021, and we expect to see an evolutionary design. Now, has brought us some new renderings of the upcoming sports car and we must say that it looks pretty damn good.

We already know that the car will have a wheelbase of 2,750 mm, a length of 4,250 mm, a height of 1,315 mm and a width of 1,780 mm, and we're pretty sure that the basic platform of the current generation will be carried over (with many revisions), but now we can see what all these numbers will look like. More or less. We dig the square front grille and intakes behind the bulging front fenders. The rear fenders are also very prominent. The hood flows along with the headlights right to the windshield, and the overall aesthetic is pretty grown-up when compared to the original 86.

One of the major issues owners have with the current generation 86 is the fact that it is underpowered, but that is all set to change in the new GR86. Gone is the naturally-aspirated boxer-four engine which produces a paltry 205 horsepower. In its place will come a turbocharged 2.4-liter boxer engine currently used in the Ascent, Legacy, and Outback models. In the Ascent this engine produces 255 hp, but we're sure that number will rise even further in the GR86. This is a great boon for tuners worldwide who are sure to make crazy power with these engines. We think the new, more mature look is a clever evolutionary step, and we can't wait to see the real thing.

2019-2020 Toyota 86 Front-End View CarBuzz
2019-2020 Toyota 86 Rear Angle View CarBuzz
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