This Is What The New Turbocharged Porsche 911 Will Sound Like

It’s not that bad, right?

The German catis finally out of the bag and we’ve seen Porsche’s new turbocharged 911. Whilewe’re sad to see the naturally aspirated engines go out the door, we can’t say we’re surprised it happened with current fuel requirements becomingstricter. Porsche is claiming even more performance out of the new engine whileretaining the beloved 911 sound that drivers love. Thanks to PorschePurist, wehave our first video of the 911 Carrera S in action and have to say that thesound isn’t that far off from before.

You do have tostrain your ears to weed out the promotional music and listen to the twin-turbocharged3.0-liter flat-six sing, but it sounds like Porsche has managed to keep the old 911’s growl intact.

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