This Is What The Next-Generation BMW M3 Could Look Like

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We don't even know what the new 3 Series will look like yet.

BMW will unveil an all-new 3 Series, internally called G80, in the near future, but it'll take a few more years after that for a new M3 to launch. And yet German language magazine AutoBild decided to render the G80 M3 years before its arrival. No doubt today's M3 is a great high-performance sedan, but fresh competition, mainly the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV and Mercedes-AMG C63, are making its life a bit difficult. BMW hasn't divulged any details about its next M3, so the images you see here are pure speculation.

AutoBild used spy shots of the G80 3 Series and applied M design features to create the M3 renders. We like what we're seeing here as it definitely looks a bit less "chunky" than today's M3. It's a cleaner look that suits the car nicely. As far what'll be under its hood, AutoBild seems to believe BMW will retain the current M3's 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six. The base G8 M3 will have around 478 hp while the Competition Package will increase that to 493 hp. Unlike the recently unveiled all-new M5, AutoBild also has reason to believe the next M3 will be rear-wheel-drive only. And, so far, a six-speed manual transmission will probably be available as a no-cost option, like it is right now.

Then again, we've heard a few rumors that BMW is strongly considering dropping the manual entirely, even in its M cars. The reason would be cost, despite the decent amount of manual takers in the US. But we're fine with the rumored engine and output, as well as the RWD. The renderings also look really good, but we'll have a better idea as to what the G80 M3 will look like when the next 3 Series sedan is unveiled, perhaps as soon as this March at Geneva. Images courtesy of AutoBild.


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