This Is What The Next Maserati MC12 Could Look Like

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Come on Maserati, make it happen!

Ever since some leaked patent images surfaced online, speculation has been rife over what the hell Ferrari is cooking up to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Is it an all-new one-off LaFerrari-inspired supercar? That's the most likely answer, although some suggest it could be a concept hinting at the successor to the Prancing Horse hypercar. Peisert Design added some much needed color to the monochrome renderings, making the mysterious Ferrari a lot more lifelike with completed headlights and a visible interior.

Now, the talented artist has given us further food for thought with his interpretation of a Maserati MC12 successor based on the same rendering. Just as the MC12 was based on the Enzo, there's every chance that Maserati will do something similar with the LaFerrari. Italian rendering artist Andrea Ortile recently revealed his vision of what such a car could look like after Maserati boss Harald Wester announced a successor to the legendary MC12 was under consideration. Like the MC12, the 'LaMaserati' would come with a detuned version of the LaFerrari and arrive in very limited numbers.

If nothing else, such a car would give supercar fans such as yourselves, a chance to enjoy another high-end automobile and those with deep enough pockets that missed out on the LaFerrari a chance to purchase something equally alluring, Italian and otherworldly.

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