This is What the Nissan Pathfinder Could Have Been

But instead it became a crossover.

When the Nissan Pathfinder debuted in 1985, it immediately found an audience with off-road enthusiasts. Over the years it evolved and buyers remained loyal. However, that all changed last year when the fourth-generation debuted. In the blink of an eye, that beloved SUV was turned into a crossover. The only thing left of the old SUV was its name and the Nissan badge. It was a damn shame. Just a few days ago, a rumor appeared claiming that Nissan is considering a body-on-frame SUV revival.

In theory, it would be built on the Navara platform, which underpinned the previous Pathfinder. It also serves as the basis for the aging Xterra. Rendering artist Theophilus Chin has created a pair of images showing what a potential Xterra replacement could look like, with a touch of the old Pathfinder in there.

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