This Is What The Porsche Cayman GT4 Looks Like On Steroids

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Save your 911 money, this Cayman is what the real enthusiasts drive.

Here's a guy who understands our plight, none other than Jason Overell, the founder of Los Angeles-based Targa Trophy. He's a real car guy, and if you couldn't tell that from the fact that he created an entire automotive lifestyle brand, it's easy to see it by how he introduces his very own pride and joy, this 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4. "In today's world of sports cars - its become harder and harder to find the visceral connection usually associated with the best driving cars in the world."

Yes, this is true. But? "Between turbo charging, dual clutch transmissions and computer systems that virtually take the skill out of driving - there are very few new cars that deliver the emotional experience hardcore enthusiasts want." Given what he preaches, it should surprise no one that Overell opted for a manual transmission in his Porsche.

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Usually that's all you need to make a driver happy. A mid-mounted engine, a lightweight package, a raspy flat-six engine delivering the goods, and three pedals for that extra level of engagement because in the world of dating apps and instant gratification, manuals are for those with the grit to take their time and do things right. Except that wasn't enough for Overell. He did say he was a hardcore enthusiast after all, and lucky for him tuner BBI Autosports makes hardcore cars. One of the main complaints with the standard Cayman GT4 was that it lacked power, and BBI fixed that by taking it from 385 horsepower to 425 horses with race headers. Throw in a few other hardware for looks and control and you get a ride fit for a king.

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