This Is What The Tesla Pickup Truck Could Look Like

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Coming soon to a Home Depot parking lot near you.

The world loves Tesla rumors almost as much as Elon Musk loves Tesla rumors. Ever since Musk released his lengthy and in-depth Master Plan Part Two, the world has been combing over the details of what kind of future vehicles are on Tesla's slate. We already know that Musk and crew are very interested in reviving the minibus. The carmaker also expressed interest in producing a pickup truck. Now, Italian website OmniAuto has produced renders of what they think the Tesla truck will look like.

The renders display what can only be described as a somewhat Honda Ridgeline looking rear end mated to the front of a Tesla Model X/Model S. While we highly doubt the Tesla will look anything like this when it gets made, it does intrigue us to the possibility of an all-electric pickup. Tesla has seen tremendous growth since the brand launched back in 2008 with the Roadster. The company now has two models in showrooms and a third on the way. This means that in order to continue to grow and increase market penetration, Tesla will also need to increase production and expand its product offering. A pickup truck would make sense considering their massive popularity in the United States.

The Tesla pickup truck likely won't appear in any official capacity for many years. The success or failure of the project also hinges on the successful launch and sales of the upcoming Model 3 (and continuing sales of the Model S and Model X). Who knows, maybe in five years we'll all be driving autonomous electric pickup trucks. For the full selection of renders you can head on over to OmniAuto.

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