This Is What The World's Worst Carjackers Look Like

Maybe they were holding squirt guns instead of real guns?

Carjackings caught on video are often pretty damn intense. “Funny” is not usually the word you use to describe someone being held up at gunpoint. However, we can’t think of another way to describe this video. It stars two would-be carjackers who decide to sprint out into a very busy street in an attempt to steal a car, any car. The pair look armed but that doesn’t stop drivers and motorcycle riders from driving right around them. Undaunted, the pair return again and again to try and grab some wheels.

The ridiculous scene is complemented perfectly by the “Yakety Sax” soundtrack. If you ever have to face off against a carjacker just pray they are as incompetent as these guys. If that’s the case then you and your ride will be just fine.

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