This Is What The X-Men Garage Might Look Like

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Imagining what cars superheroes might drive is about a futile any exercise as we can imagine. But that doesn't mean it's not fun. We've previously seen artists envision cars for Superman (Bugatti Chiron), Batman (BMW M2), Spiderman (Ferrari 488 GTB Spider) and the Hulk (Mercedes G63 6x6), and now thanks to, we get to waste more time arguing over what cars the X-Men would drive.

Wheelchair bound and with telekinesis skills to spare, head honcho Charles Xavier and the Tesla Model X seem like the perfect match. Obviously the falcon-winged crossover will come with an inbuilt cerebro, and his hoverchair will glide effortlessly into the roomy EV with help from a hover ramp.

Thanks to his adamantium skeleton, Wolverine is indestructible. So is the Toyota Hilux. Bingo! This particular pickup has been fitted with retractable blades and massive wheels so he can mess up the bad guys in or out of the car.

Archenemy and immortal supervillain Apocalypse needs a ride with superhuman strength, and while that patently doesn't exist, the next closest thing is the Mercedes G63 6x6 fitted with armor-plated body panels.

Cyclops has been teamed up with a Shelby GT350R, and just like its driver has the ability to cut enemies in half with his laser eyes, the muscle car comes with a visor windscreen and headlamps that act as red optic blasts.

Our favorite member of the X-Men (shouldn't it be X-People?) is Mystique, and the sultry blue shapeshifter would look right at home behind the equally gorgeous BMW i8.

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Magneto's BMW M6 comes made with the same material as his maroon helmet, making him immune to telepathy in and out of the powerful coupe. Beefed up wheels and bulletproof glass also provides some added protection while fighting his mutant foes.

Jean Grey seems like a safe pair of hands, so what better than a Volvo XC90 as her daily driver. Like her bald boss Charles Xavier, her ride comes with an inbuilt cerebro, enabling her to read minds while doing the school run. X-Men: Apocalypse will hit the big screen May 27.

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