This Is What Ukrainian Roads Are Like

If it weren't so dangerous, we'd recommend walking alongside this highway instead of driving. At least your car wouldn't get destroyed.

Think you have complaints aboutpotholes in your neighborhood roads? More than likely they aren’t as bad aswhat Ukrainian motorists have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s amazingpeople there actually put up with what you’re about to see. Thanks to the Russian dash cam phenomenonspreading to neighboring Ukraine, one guy took a few minutes to film thesorry ass state of his country’s main highways and post it online. No wonder why people get into so many accidents in this part of the world.

This particular stretch of highway supposedly connects two major Ukrainian cities and it was only paved a few years ago when Ukraine co-hosted the Euro Cup Soccer tournament.

Driving fast here will destroy your car and even going slow proves a hazard as cars swerve and nearly bump into one another to avoid potholes. And plentiful they are. We'd normally say at this point welcome to Russia, but today we'll let insults be directed at Ukraine.

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