This Is What You Can Do On The Steepest Street In The World

You may want to check your brakes first.

There’s a sign on Baldwin Street, Dunedin, New Zealand, proclaiming it “the steepest street in the world.” You might want to verify this claim. And that is your prerogative. We would rather concentrate on what the guys are doing on this crazy incline. It’s called drift triking, and it looks absolutely insane. The acceleration these things pick up as the drivers struggle to keep their giant testicles from scraping along the tarmac is phenomenal.

Raw, unadulterated speed is then followed by plenty of sideways action. But there’s no doubt these adrenaline junkies, which go by the name ‘Slide Christchurch,’ have full control of their three-wheelers. The rest of us would probably die attempting this.

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