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This Is When The 1,000-HP Lotus Hypercar Will Arrive

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Production will be limited to just 130 examples.

Last month, Lotus finally confirmed it's teaming up with Williams Advanced Engineering to develop an extraordinary electric hypercar called the Type 130, which will be the British automaker's first all-new model in over a decade. At the time, Lotus confirmed the Type 130 will be unveiled in the middle of the year, but we now have a specific date for its debut.

Mark your calendars everyone, because Lotus has confirmed the Type 130 hypercar will debut on July 16 during an exclusive event in London. According to Lotus, "several hundred potential owners" have expressed interest in the Type 130 hypercar. That means there are going to be several disappointed customers because Lotus has also now confirmed that just 130 examples of the extreme electric hypercar will be built referencing the number of Lotus 'Types' introduced during the brand's 71-year history.

The new electric Lotus flagship will be built at the company's home in Norfolk, UK. Lotus promises the Type 130 will be "the most dynamically accomplished road car in the company's history, continuing a bloodline rich in firsts and technical game-changers in automotive and motorsport".

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A new teaser image of the Lotus Type 130 has also been released showing a close-up of the electric hypercar's rear revealing the car's illuminated "Lotus" lettering and the charging port cover. Technical details are still being kept under wraps, but reports suggest the Lotus hypercar will be around the same length as the Evora (171 inches) but will be considerably wider at nearly 78.7 in. It's also expected to have more than 1,000 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and a range of over 250 miles. Customer deliveries of the Lotus Type 130 will commence in 2020.

The biggest challenge Lotus will need to overcome, however, is the extra weight the electric powertrain will add. Recently, Lotus CEO Phil Popham hinted the hypercar's battery modules might be removable to make the car lighter for use on the track. "There are distinct benefits of electrification, certainly in terms of aerodynamics, and the center of gravity can be low. We need to understand the needs of the customer," he said. "If you're driving for 20 minutes on track, do you need the full battery pack?"