This Is When The First Official 'Fast 8' Trailer Will Drop

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We. Can't. Wait.

The release of a Fast and Furious film is always a momentous occasion for car fans. While the series isn't renowned for its thought-provoking plots or Oscar-worthy acting, it consistently delivers high-octane action with some drool-worthy cars on-screen. You'll have to wait until next April to see the next film in the long-running franchise, but a new featurette has revealed that the first trailer for "Fast 8" will be released in just a matter of days on December 11th. Our only question is, how will it ever trump the insanity that was "Furious 7"?

Each film has become progressively more outrageous, culminating with some memorable sequences in "Furious 7," including parachuting cars and a Lykan Hypersport smashing through skyscrapers.

Some of the set-pieces teased in the video, such as a stunt involving a collection of cars being thrown off a parking garage, look tantalizingly destructive. You can always rely on Fast and Furious to find creative ways to destroy cars. New York will be the main setting for "Fast 8," but other filming locations include Iceland and Cuba, scenes from the latter of which appear in the featurette. Directed by F. Gary Gray, the flick will be hitting theaters on April 17th, 2017. Check out this teaser and let us know if the suspense is killing you just as must as it's killing us.

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