This Is When The Iconic VW Microbus Will Make Its Big Comeback

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Yes, it's really happening.

It's perhaps one of the worst kept secrets in the auto industry that Volkswagen is serious about bringing back its iconic Microbus. And, not surprisingly, as an EV. Earlier this month we saw VW's ID Buzz concept at Detroit, yet another clear sign about the German automaker's intentions. According to Automotive News Europe, VW has confirmed the Bus will return to in five years' time. The original T1 Microbus debuted in 1950 and according to sources, the revived Bus will strongly resemble the original, although it won't be powered by an air-cooled engine.


Instead, and as expected, the 2023 Microbus will be an EV, built on VW's new MEB architecture. The battery will be located on the floor for a lower center of gravity, just as it is in the Tesla Model S. Interestingly, that battery will be a 111 kWh lithium-ion unit, which is bigger than the Tesla Model X's largest offered battery. In terms of styling, we fully expect for the flat nose, boxy design to return. For the most part, the production version will strongly resemble the ID Buzz concept, main exceptions being the elimination of the retractable steering wheel and the front row of side windows that can't be rolled down. What's cool is that the VW logo, made out of glass in the concept, could make it to production.

Obviously there's still plenty of time for VW to sort the design out, but what's clear is that the company is dead set on moving on from Dieselgate with a range of EVs, and a reborn Microbus will be a main part of this plan.

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