This Is When The New BMW M2 Will Arrive

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The rumor mill says we don't have long to wait.

We have said it time and time again and we'll say it probably for a long time to come: the BMW M2 CS is the best car that BMW has made in years. It's already an icon, and as time passes and we move towards an electrified future - one that may include a 1,000-horsepower iM2 - the current M2 will only be appreciated even more. But before the death of the internal combustion engine, we do have at least one more iteration of the traditional M2 to enjoy, but when? Thanks to a rumor reported on by BMW Blog, it seems that the answer is December 2022.

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Before the new M2 arrives, it seems very likely that there will be an M2 CSL to celebrate BMW M's 50th anniversary, but moments after that car arrives - if it arrives - the next-generation M2 with the internal code name G87 should debut. This will follow the start of production of the regular 2-Series (G42) and may be produced in Mexico alongside the regular 2. If these estimates are accurate, then that means that there will be a full year's gap in production of the M2, but considering how good the current version is, the wait should be worthwhile.

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As for what will be under the hood, it is quite likely that the regular M2 will get either the B48 3.0-liter straight-six from X40i models but with more power, or the M3/M4's S58 engine but detuned, likely to around 450 horsepower or less. This will leave room for a Competition model, and perhaps another run-out special with even more power in the form of another CS variant. If so, ZF's eight-speed auto could be fitted to cope with the torque and provide a more comfortable character, but we hold out hope that the new model will be just as brilliant and wild as the current version. After all, if this is the end, the M2 may as well go out with a bang.

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Source Credits: BMW Blog

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