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This Is When The New Land Rover Defender Will Debut

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Land Rover's new rugged SUV will go on sale soon.

We've already seen prototypes of the brand-new Land Rover Defender being tested, and while the automaker has confirmed the next-generation version of its rugged off-roader will debut later this year, we now have a more specific timeframe.

Speaking to CarAdvice, Tim Krieger, Jaguar Land Rover general manager of communications and public relations, confirmed the new Land Rover Defender will make its world debut this September, while deliveries will begin early next year.

There's also a possibility it will be revealed at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show, but this hasn't been confirmed yet. "You've got Defender coming up later in the year which will be huge... the car will be revealed around September, but we won't see customer deliveries until early next year," Krieger said. "There will be something around Frankfurt. Whether it's at the motor show or whether it's an out of show event, we're sorting that out at the moment, with Australia in early 2020."

Land Rover has also already confirmed the new Defender will arrive in US dealerships sometime in 2020. Compared to its predecessor, the new Defender will be much more modern, refined, and comfortable while still retaining the old model's rugged character. This means it will be more suitable for everyday driving than the original, but it will still of course be highly capable off-road.

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In terms of design, the new Defender will retain the original model's signature boxy shape and will be available in four-door 110 and two-door 90 flavors. It will also ride on a new aluminum monocoque platform instead of a body-on-frame platform, resulting in a lighter and stiffer body.

Thanks to Land Rover's Modular Longitudinal Architecture, the new Defender will be able to accommodate different drivetrains including internal combustion engines, mild hybrid, and plug-in hybrid systems, and fully electric powertrains. Both body styles will use 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline and diesel units in the entry-level versions, while upper-range models will feature 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder gasoline and diesel units with mild hybrid assistance.