This Is When The Production Fisker Ocean Will Debut

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Production of Fisker's Model Y fighter will start next year.

It's been over a year and a half since Fisker unveiled a prototype of the electric Ocean SUV. With an attractive starting price of $37,499, the Fisker Ocean is even cheaper than the Tesla Model Y, so it has the potential to be the biggest threat yet to Tesla's entry-level crossover.

Fisker has already confirmed production of its Tesla Model Y fighter will start next year, but now the startup manufacturer has confirmed that we'll finally get to see the covers come off production version on November 17 during the 2021 LA Auto Show. After it debuts, production prototype testing will begin this year before the Ocean enters production one year later on November 17, 2022. When it arrives, the Fisker Ocean will be powered by an 80-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with an estimated range of between 250 and 300 miles.
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For reference, the Tesla Model Y Long Range can last up to 326 miles on a single charge. 200 miles of range can be added in around 30 minutes. In a new teaser, Fisker Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker promises the Ocean will have the "most amazing center screen & UI," which will be shown off in November. The prototype featured a massive 16-inch touchscreen, a head-up display, and a 9.8-inch digital cluster.

Since the prototype was unveiled last year, Fisker has secured 62,000 hand-raisers and 17,300 paid reservations for the Ocean, which require a $250 deposit. "Our reservation and order process was designed from the outset to be transparent, to prioritize quality over quantity, and to ensure our stakeholders have confidence in the commitment of our reservation holders," said Fisker.

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"As we get closer to launch, we will be working with our prospective owners to transition their reservations into contracted orders. We have many loyal supporters of the company waiting for their Ocean, and the reservation system is purposely designed to be fair to those who reserve with the intention to ultimately take delivery."

Initially, Fisker will sell the Ocean at Brand Experience Centers in Los Angeles and Munich. Additional centers will be opened in more locations including London, New York, Miami and Copenhagen through the second half of 2022. Let's hope the electric SUV is more successful than Henrik Fisker's last venture, the ill-fated Fisker Karma. Notoriously unreliable, the Fisker Karma was a commercial flop, with only 2,500 examples produced before Fisker Automotive went bankrupt in 2013.

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