This Is Where Nissan GT-Rs Go Out To Play And Wreak Havoc


Japan knows how to throw a track party.

If you've ever thought of taking a trip to Japan, perhaps it'd be best to time it to coincide with the Nismo Festival, Nissan's annual event to celebrate speed, performance, and absolute mayhem. Damn shame we missed this year's show, held at Fuji Speedway under a crisp, late autumn sun. It all began not long after sunrise and continued all the way until till it set. And yes, of course, there were plenty of GT-Rs on hand, but also former Nissan race cars that made their marks years ago.

For example, the '69 Nissan R382 and the '84 Skyline Super Silhouette took the track as part of the Nissan Motorsports Heritage Run. And then came the GT-Rs. For the customary Nismo GP, a bunch of GT500, GT300 and Super Taikyu drivers engaged in the equivalent of aerial combat on the track. Check out some cool images and a video of what went down.

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