This is Where Old Land Rovers Go Instead of Dying

West Coast Defender turns classic models into modern SUVs.

What could be cooler than taking a classic Land Rover Defender out into the wild for some epic off-roading? These beasts from 1980s have literally traversed just about any natural barrier all across the globe, taking rich holiday-makers and angry armies wherever they had to go. But using a truck like this as a daily driver would be equally challenging, with its bare-bones 1980s rugged comforts not exactly what American drivers are used to on their everyday commutes.

That’s why a California company named West Coast Defender has begun buying-up these classic Defender 90s and 110s dating back to 1989 and earlier. At its UK shop, the company rebuilds the classic SUVs, fitting them with brand-new interiors including everything from heated seats to navigation systems and power-locks, even automatic transmissions. Once they are completed, the Defenders are imported to the US, where they sell for $85,000-110,000.

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