This is Where Quattros Come From

Ever wonder how a commonplace Audi sedan is turned into a fire-breathing RS model, or how the R8 is built? Wonder no more, boys and girls, as Motor Trend takes us behind the scenes of Quattro GmbH.

Not everyone gets the chance to visit the factory to witness their car being built, and even fewer are fortunate enough to have the means to own an Audi R8. For those who are unable to do either, Motor Trend was recently given a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Quattro GmbH, the factory and research facility where Audi's RS performance line and R8 supercar are born. Long dedicated to upgrading existing models, the facility began producing the R8 in 2006, redefining the brand and making jaws drop wherever it goes.

Alongside the mid-engined supercar, Quattro GmbH also turns standard models such as the A4 and A6 into legends like the RS4 and RS6. The list of great performance Audis goes on, but for anyone who's ever wanted to see the heart of Audi's dynamic capabilities, this video is the answer.

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