This Is Where Rich Canadians Go to Drive

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Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort set to bring the smell of burnt rubber to nature in early 2016.

If the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort doesn't inspire you to take a trip to Canada then nothing will. The new gearhead paradise recently broke ground on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and is set to open in 12 months. In terms of a more approximate location, the resort is said to be about a 45 minute drive from Victoria. According to the resort's promo site there will be a variety of driving surfaces available that will cater to just about every type of car and driver.

The racetrack will let you clock hot laps while an off-road course lets you recreate the World Rally Championship. If you're up for Tokyo drifting there's also a skid pad. The Dutch firm Tilke Engineers & Architects will be building the actual track. The firm has built racetracks across the globe and has even worked on the Nurburgring, so the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort seems to be in good hands. Like all good things involving cars it'll likely cost a pretty penny just to book a room. The group behind the resort, The German Auto Import Network of Vancouver Island, has so far been mum when it comes to pricing but that should change as construction continues.

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